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Rollertyp: Tianchang LinRong Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in the Yangtze River in eastern Anhui Pearl -Tianchang, facing Shanghai, south of the ancient city of Nanjing, Yangzhou, east and production of electronic remote control of the enterprise, the company strong, strong technical service.
Company develops and manufactures a variety of types of remote control, universal remote controlthat contains more than one special and general VCD / DVD class black and white TV remote control anddedicated FBT. Department of products used in TV, VCD, DVD, MP3, music center, network systems,set top boxes, home theater, car audio, air conditioning, satellite receivers, Kara OK system, amplifier, portable CD / VCD / DVD and so on. We are constantly developing new products to meet customer requirements, customer needs is the direction of the company's work and progressive goals, whereverdo our best to provide customers with quality products and effective services in good faith to accept all kinds of comments, suggestions and complaints with customers to build strong and harmoniousrelationship of trust.
We always will "start in setting and dedication" as a business development purposes, the entireproduction, sales, management work into these six principles, forming a vibrant enterprise developmentenvironment, combining the establishment of quality management system certification, established acustomer-centric pre-sale, sale, after-sales service system.
The company constantly improve product quality, while focusing on product reliability adaptive research, the user would like to think, worry about the user needs, and strive to make every customer can achieve good economic and social benefits, win-win good situation.
In the company of "quality and development, quality of survival," the purpose, over the years withfirst-class management, advanced technology, perfect quality assurance system and high-quality marketing services team, to provide customers with the most satisfactory products ; the same time wewould like to make friends with more new customers, we warmly welcome new and old friends to call toconsult factory!RM-L1098+2 for all Television

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