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Rollertyp: Fedora beach straw hat for men
1.Material: 100% Cotton
2.Size:58 cm
4.Weight: 90g
5.OEM acceptable
About us
Breeze Fashion Co., Ltd, established in 2008,is located in Suzhou Jiangsu province, China. Our company has specialized in all types of scarf fashions, using voile, viscose, chiffon, acrylic, cotton, wool and many other materials. With great efforts through the years, we have become an excellent supplier for a variety of scarf product lines.
We at Breeze Fashion Co., Ltd have recently expanded our business worldwide, providing services toAmerica, Europe, Australia, Japan and more. As the supplier of ZARA, ESPRIT,TOPSHOP,and GAP, we have powerful design and production capabilities. Our team of technicians and highly experienced designers develop increased production and management strategies, while providing our clients with multiple designs and a variety of samples to ensure satisfaction. We have a strict systemic QC team and a perfect management mechanism, so we can ensure product quality and on-time delivery.
For more information about our products, please contact us directly. We warmly appreciate your detailed inquiries, and are looking forward to working with you in the near future.
1.How do I order and what happens next? Do you accept OEM?
Sending an email to Breeze or leaving a message on Breeze website about your demands and Breeze Fashion can help you finish any purchasing task on fashion accessories.
Yes, welcome any of your OEM or ODM orders.

2. Do I need to come to your factory to order?
Welcome to visit our office and factory! But if this is out of your budget , do not worry, Breeze Fashion can do everything through email, phone and post.

3. Can I order samples firstly and then place the bulk order?
Yes, you can. Breeze Fashion understands that customers want samples firstly, and then need a sales period to collect orders from their customers. This is not a problem.BTW, Breeze Fashion is qualified to produce according to clients’ design, or you can also choose samples from our website, of course, Breeze will update the styles constantly.

4. What is the lead time of manufacture and to receive my order?
In general, the lead time of producing bulk order is about 45-60 days, which is also depending on the status of the raw materials and the time you need to confirm the PP sample and place an order, so your early confirmation of the sample and official PO will be quite useful for
Breeze Fashion to meet your delivery time requirements.

5. Can I put my own label and logo on the products?
Of course you can! And you may have two options:
1) Sending your label design to us and Breeze Fashion makes them for you.
2) Sending your finished labels to us and Breeze Fashion put them on the clothes (free of charge).

6. Which textiles/fabrics can you work with?
Breeze Fashion is good at making all kinds of fashion accessories, especially good at scarves,hat. Breeze’s professional technical and design team and 10+ years of related experiences allow Breeze to work with most kinds of materials (viscose, voile, polyester, acrylic, cotton, silk, cashmere, angora etc.), so it's your choice and Breeze could advice you if you wish for. And Breeze Fashion can also provide dye and print service.
wholesale mens hats

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