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Rollertyp: 2216 strip is small but powerful. It is perfect to replace 3528 in some applications. The size of 2216 is only 2.2mm*1.6mm, while 3528 is 3.5mm*2.8mm. Thanks to the compact dimension, 2216 led strips can be only very slim, only 4mm wide of PCB. It helps you to install the strip in a very narrow place. Besides, it can be much denser than the normal 3528, so with the same aluminum profile and cover, the 2216 strip creates a more uniform and more even light output.

Though 2216 is smaller, it has better heat sink than 3528 and 5050. The rear side of the 2216 SMD diode uses heat dissipation pad, then it is faster and easier for the led strip to dissipate the heat to the aluminum profile.

Photo: 4mm ultra slim 2216 LED strip

LEDs work on constant current and voltage, so a tiny change in voltage can affect a big change in current. If the applied voltage exceeds the LED forward voltage drop by a small amount, the current rating may exceed a significant amount and may damage or destroy the LED. A typical solution is to use a constant current source to keep the current below the LED maximum current rating. Therefore, led tape lights contain resistors on the flexible printed circuit to limit the current.

LED performance depends largely on the operating environment's ambient temperature or thermal management performance. Overdriving the LED at high ambient temperatures can cause the LED package to overheat, eventually causing the device to malfunction. You need enough heat sink to maintain a long service life.

Standard lighting
Task lighting
Fluorescent and halogen lighting fixture replacements
Indirect lighting applications
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