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Wohnort: http://www.yuanlongaluminum.com/
Rollertyp: Henan Yuan long AL. Industrial Co. Ltd is located in China’s commercial hub—Zhengzhou. Yuan long is an integrated company with production and processing, technology research and development, and marketing services. The company all over promote the spirits of “to live on our own, and to work hard and strive”, now growing bigger and stronger.
The main machinery include: hot tandem mill, continuous casting mill, the four-roller irreversible cold rolling mill, four roll irreversible foil rolling equipment. It is also equipped with ABB type tool, tension- leveler, annealing furnaces, slitting line, melting furnaces, quenching line, static electricity oiler line, 2000-color coating production line and other auxiliary equipments.
We can supply AL-plate/coil/foil of more than 10 alloy bands including 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx,and 8xxx series. The main products include aluminum sheet, coil, foil, air-container foil, cable foil, electronic capacitor foil, blister foil, flexible packaging foil, CTP stock, litho stock, cap stock, tread plate, embossed coil, mirror panels, cans cover materials, aerospace aluminum, mold aluminum materials, etc. At the same time, we process a variety of products according to requirements of different customers.
Precision equipment provides an excellent product. Advanced management allows you to enjoy the perfect service. The enterprise has passed the ISO9001 - 2000 quality management system certification. Our philosophy is: quality award-winning, sincerity harvest win-win.
We warmly welcome customers at home and abroad.Best Price Aluminum Sheet manufacturers

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