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Rollertyp: Puyang Donghao Mechanical & Electronic Co., Ltd. was established in Jan 2005 as a producls supplier of Sinopec & CNPC, mainly focusing on research & development (R&D) and production of downhole tools & water treatment equipments, registered capital is RMB 22 million.
We have 180 employees & more than 80 mechanical equipments such as Vertical Machine Center, CNC Lathes, Heat Treatments, Drilling Machine. Milling Machines, Wire Cutting Machincs, etc. Annual production capacity of downhole tools is 12,000 sets.
We founded Technology ! R&D Center which leaded by Dr. Miao, including 12 engineers. We've contacted and cooperated i with' many R&D institutions and | pctrolcum collages constantly for years, to produce matching products of oil and gas exploitation. They ' re also honored with 'Provincial Enterprise Technology C enter'. Meanwhile we got more than 6() national palents, including 3 invention patents.
We passed the ISO9001, ISO14001& APIIIDI certificates. Our products have been deeply into the oil fields, power plants, stccl, coal. chemical etc. Sales market has covered Chinese oil ficlds & USA, Canada,Russia, Kazakhstan.Uzbekistan, Oman. elc.
Meanwhile we have a professional tcchnical service icam, can provide whole cquipnents.I suitable products and on1-sitc technical servicc which are hetter than others.
We invite agents and businessmen 1o communicale & hope for future cooperation with you sincerely!oil well inflatable hydraulic packer manufacturers

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