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Wohnort: http://www.eocopper.com/
Rollertyp: Zhengzhou lingcheng electronic technology co., LTD is located in Zhengzhou National High & New Technology and Industrial Development Zone. Our mission is to provide customers the highest quality products to gain the reputation by focusing on customer satisfaction.
12-year experience in the R&D, design, production of high frequency and medium frequency induction heating machines. Products have won great reputation among clients.
Main products include IGBT medium frequency induction heating equipment, IGBT super audio frequency induction heating equipment, CNC medium frequency induction melting furnace, quenching machine tool, IGBT KGPS medium frequency induction melting furnace, open water cooling towers, closed water cooling tower, water cooled chiller, and specializing in the production of complete sets of heat treatment, hot forging, metal melting and induction heating of metal heat treatment equipment and related equipment.
Our products are widely used in induction heating, forging, melting, hardening/ hardening, normalizing, tempering, annealing, brazing/ welding/ welding, and other areas of the production.
Become metallic diathermy, surface quenching, metal smelting production technology of the important equipment, such as the existence of alternative to traditional serious pollution of coal-fired heating and energy intensive tube heating equipment, obtain good economic benefit and social benefit.
We have exported to UK, Australia, Pakistan, Egypt, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Mexico, Uganda, Ukraine, Serbia, Russia, Germany, Turkey, South Korea, Malaysia, Ethiopia, the Philippines and other countries.
We have senior engineers and technical researchers. Engineers are available to service overseas if needed.China Spline Shaft Quenching Equipment

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