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Rollertyp: Eyelashes extension silk 5D lashes extension use high quality korea PBT fiber and 100% handmade.
Elegant thickness fluffy makes a fashion looking,vivid and shiny and can be stable for long.
The lashes suitable for makeup,cosmetic and costume.
We accept customize private logo if your order large qualities.
Product NameEyelashes extension silk 5D lashes extension
MaterialKorea PBT fiber
ColorNatural Black
Length of Hair8-15MM
FeatureNo glue,natural,soft
PackagingPlastic box or customized package as your request
Delivery TimeAccording to your quantity
Payment TimeT/T,Paypal,Western Union,Money Gram,Bank Account etc.
Regular packages and customize package is available.
Below is our customer's customized packages pls reference it firstly.
We use fastest shipping company:TNT/FEDEX/UPS/DHL.
Also,we can use shipping and airplane.Cluster Eyelash Extension

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